Prosthetic Foot Reviews

Wouldn’t it be fun, and educational, if you had an example of each of the prosthetic feet produced by the leading manufacturers in the world today? Just imagine that you could try one after the other and find the perfect model that best fits your life style, energy level, gait, stride, and personality. Feet are much like people, each possessing different characteristics than the next. Manufacturers build their feet to fit differing activity levels. As you might imagine, building a foot that walks well, but can also be used for strenuous athletic activity would be a real challenge. A good general walking foot should be stable, move from heel strike through the mid point of rollover and smoothly transition through toe push. The entire process must move from beginning to end in a smooth continuous flow which matches our natural foot’s character as much as possible

On the other hand, an athletic foot needs the ability to absorb higher loading when jumping, jogging, kicking, and making sudden direction changes. This sports oriented foot needs to cushion the residual limb from impact and may need some degree of rotation built in. Thanks to advances in composite materials like carbon fiber and Flexon (tm) manufacturers are working on the development of prosthetic feet which can do some of both.

For us, the fun part will be testing the various manufacturers prosthetic feet and finding out how they are different. Stay tuned as this will be not only fun but educational for all of us in the lower limb amputee community.

Take a look at photos of some of the feet being tested currently.

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