Knee Scooters

After a BK amputation, one of the best devices for getting around the house without your prosthetic leg is a knee scooter. Many BK amputees use them for those times when you don’t have your leg on and need quick mobility around the house. Trips to the bathroom or kitchen at night are easy if you have your knee scooter parked next to the bed. Most come equipped with locking brakes. Lock them when you are stopped.

Check out your local medical supply house for a brand that fits you and one that you happen to like. Take a picture of it with your handy cell phone camera. Look it up on eBay or the internet and buy it for about half of the medical specialty store price. One option you will enjoy is a lambs wool seat cover (sold online). A piece of 1” to 2” dense foam (fabric shop) under the cover makes the knee seat much more comfortable.