Bath and Shower Grab Bars

Before surgery, practice normal procedures in your bathroom. If you are losing a leg, practice getting up and down on the toilet with the leg you will keep. Try getting in and out of the shower or bath tub with one leg. You will quickly see the need for shower or bath bars and find the best location for them. They are easy to install. Try the bath and shower section of Lowes or Home Depot. Buy the ones with a rough handle surface for better grip when wet. Ask the sales force at the store and they can usually recommend someone to install them for you, if you can't install them yourself.

A horizonal bar on each side of the toilet, or a special seat with bars will make going to the toilet easier.  This is especially true if you are using a knee scooter and are trying to manage the toilet, with one leg.  Be sure all of your bars are mounted to the studs behind the sheet rock wall and not mounted to the sheet rock alone.