This website is designed to provide reassurance that your life, as an amputee, can be wonderful and fulfilling. It is all about having a new beginning and improving your life with a positive outlook and a little help along the way.

As you search for related information on the internet, you will find a number of general information sites, a few created by individuals telling their stories, but most associated with various companies who offer services or manufacture prosthetic devices. Each site has   something positive to offer.

This site is designed to meet a wide variety of needs related to the prospective amputee and those amputees during their first year after surgery. It is designed to be an unbiased* information source, collected from those in the medical profession and individuals living the  amputee life style. It is not possible to cover every related subject area, problem, solution or individual situation faced by amputees.

*Building an “unbiased” website is a misnomer, as we have all learned that some ideas, products, devices and concepts simply work better than others. We will strive to be fair and discuss both sides of controversial issues when possible.

For those of you who come to this website because of an accident, or other event, which resulted in immediate amputation, you didn’t have time to do post operative planning. Since your surgery is finished, you can begin to focus on your future, with an emphasis on recovery, using this website as a post operative resource.

Since the writer is not a medical, or prosthetic expert, the website will, at times, feature “Special Guest Presentations” by guest clinicians, physicians, prosthetic designers, rehabilitation specialists, and others in the field. The ideas they present on this site are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the owner of this website.

The “Forum” will give amputees and interested parties a place to share ideas and offer support.

The forum will be moderated to be sure that the content is appropriate for our participants. This site will “Link” to other excellent sites which share a common purpose, or provide educational information, product information, connections to athletic associations for amputees, or health related groups beneficial to the amputee.

From the Author

One day my life changed forever. Fifteen years of pain and 22 surgeries later, I knew something had to be done. Finding answers and making choices was very difficult. The doctors were out of options, and my life in a wheelchair and on crutches was falling apart. When I needed help the most, I could find very little accurate information or support. Once the difficult decision to pursue amputation was made, my best research came from the internet. There I discovered the ERTL procedure and had a chance to interact with ERTL and non ERTL patients. After several years of study and talking with amputees who had selected one or the other types of surgery, I made a decision to pursue the ERTL. Internet research led me to a surgeon who was trained by Dr. ERTL and the outstanding prosthetics group, also ERTL trained, who works hand in glove with that physician. I was not only relieved but excited to be associated with a very qualified and supportive team. It’s amazing what a difference this relationship made in my confidence and attitude before surgery. Having a medical team that believed they were helping me to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life, made a huge difference in my mental and physical well being.

 I’ve learned a lot about mental and physical preparation, types of surgery, selecting a doc, the importance of a great prosthetics group, planning for recovery, adapting your home, dealing with pain, phantom pain and sensations, post op exercise, dealing with visitors, bathing and toilet use, taking care of yourself, driving, prosthetic devices, getting a good prosthetic fit, walking well, using the airlines, and adaptations for going back to work. An added bonus has been developing many new friends along the way.

Now it’s time to share that information and support with those who are facing amputation of a limb or are first year, post op amputees who simply need support and information.